September 3, 2014

Aimie Zdrantan - a victim of murder in Hillsboro, Oregon

Aimie Zdrantan, age 24, died on August 29, 2014, at her apartment in Hillsboro, Oregon.

She was stabbed to death. 

Aimie Zdrantan;  Eric Petersen
No one has been arrested in connection with this crime as of this posting. However her boyfriend, Eric Petersen, age 24, is a person of interest and has been arrested in connection with a parole violation.

Aimie and Eric Petersen had a troubled history together. They did a lot of drinking and partying, but Aimie wanted to make a better life for herself and for her daughter, who turns 3 next month.  It has been reported that Eric didn't like this idea much.

In March of 2013, Eric Petersen had threatened Aimie with a weapon.

In May of 2013, Aimie was granted a restraining order against Eric. She alleged that he manhandled her and threw her to the ground. The restraining order expired in May of 2014.

In June of 2013, Eric Petersen was convicted of the weapon's charge and was sentenced to probation, anger management classes and drug classes. After this sentence, he often failed to report to his probation officer, didn't seek employment and stopped attending the drug and anger management classes he was supposed to attend.

In the interim, relatives stated that Aimie was trying to work things out with Eric because he is the father of her daughter.

Eric Petersen is innocent until charged and proven guilty of any crime in connection
Light a candle for Aimie.  Light
her way to Heaven.
with Aimie's death. However, it has been reported that neighbors heard Aimie and Eric fighting on the day of her death. 

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to come to the conclusion that either Aimie and Eric were fighting on the day of her death, he left the scene and then someone else entered her apartment and killed her; OR, Eric Petersen killed her.

Regardless of Eric Petersen's guilt or not in this tragedy, he is nonetheless bad news from the word go. Any woman who comes across this dude should run, not walk, away.

Aimie was working part time at a grocery store to help support her young daughter.

Aimie's family is devastated by her needless and tragic death. She is described as having a bubbly personality and was fun to be around. She was just starting out in life. She will be forever mourned.

Advice to Women in Abusive Relationships: If you are with a man who slaps you around, beats you up, or threatens you with a gun or knife, your happiness and your life will forever be in jeopardy. Try to get away today. You may want love, but abuse is not love.

Aimie is survived by many loving friends and relatives including her father, Steven Zdrantan; and her daughter, Lexi.

God save us from those who say they love us, and then kill us. Amen.

Pray that Aimie is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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