August 27, 2015

The realities and the tragedies of life in Syria in 2015

Syria is just about the size of Washington State, U.S.A.
It has a population of 18 million. 

This is a Syrian man in a war zone with 3 sons and no wife.
What are his options in this war-torn country?

Because Syria has been a war-zone for years, almost 3 million 
Syrians have fled to Syria's bordering countries - Turkey, Lebanon, 
Jordan and Iraq. 6.5 million Syrians are internally displaced within Syria.

If you live in Syria, you face death....every day

If you live in Syria, you face the possible destruction of your home 
and of your city on a daily basis.

You may pay to get on a leaky critically over-crowded boat that may or 
may not sink. You then travel across the Mediterranean Sea hoping to land in 
some civilized European country. But Europe cannot absorb all of those 
who are fleeing from chaos and evil in our world and therefore many are turned back.

If you stay in Syria, you have the option of enduring Bashar
Al-Assad, a heredity dictator, who has repeatedly bombed and
gassed his own citizens into oblivion. He has stolen over
$6 Billion U.S. dollars from his country's coffers and set up
bank accounts in Russia, in the event that things at home get rough
and he has to flee to luxury.  He is the most corrupt of men. 

Or if you are Syrian, you can choose to live under the control
of Isis. Isis is a terrorist organization based on 13th 
century ideals of barbarism. They continually behead innocent civilians, burn soldiers 
alive, throw gay men from roof-tops, rape non-Muslim women and generally 
conduct a reign of terror and chaos wherever they go. They welcome death for 
themselves and impose death on everyone else. They are the vilest and lowest of scum.

And therefore....there are very few options available for the man with the three sons pictured above. He is forsaken in this world and has nowhere to go. 

God help him and his children. Amen. 

The world's politicians are as dumb as a bag of hammers. They have no viable solutions to this misery. Therefore pray without ceasing unto God for an end to this war in Syria and Iraq. Amen. 

God save us from the dictators and the religious psychopaths.  They are killing us, Father. Amen. 

Henry Nelson - Police Officer Fatality - Sunset, Louisiana

Police Officer Henry Nelson, age 51, died in the line of duty on August 26, 2015, at a hospital near Sunset, Louisiana.

Officer Nelson was a member of the Sunset Police Department. He had 13 years of service. 

Officer Henry Nelson (L); Harrison Wiley Jr. (R)
Sunset is a town in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, about 145 miles west of New Orleans. The population is just under 3,000.

Michael, Patron Saint of the
Police, pray for Henry and
for those who have lost him.
At approximately 3:00 p.m., Officer Nelson was responding to a domestic disturbance call in which three women had been stabbed by a male subject at a house in Sunset.

When Officer Nelson arrived on the scene, somehow the suspect grabbed the officer's gun and opened fire, fatally wounding Henry.

Henry was rushed to a nearby hospital where tragically he died of his injuries.

The subject fled the scene and crashed his vehicle into a nearby gas station where he barricaded himself in for several hours. He was apprehended after a SWAT team made entry into the gas station.

The women stabbed were Shameka Johnson, age 40, who tragically died of her injuries; her sister Shurlay Johnson, age 34; and Courtney Jolivette Wiley, the wife of the suspected killer.

The suspected killer is Harrison Wiley Jr., age 35. He is originally from New Orleans. He is Officer Nelson's cousin. Relatives said that he was high on drugs when he started attacking the women.

Harrison Wiley Jr. will be charged with two counts of first degree murder and other charges. He could face the death penalty.

The Sunset Police Department is in mourning over the death of their brother. Henry was a well respected officer. He was a big man who kept a smile on his face. He will be forever remembered.

Henry's loved ones are devastated over his senseless and tragic death. He loved life. He did his best. He will be forever mourned.

Henry is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his daughter.

Thank you for your service to the community, Henry.

Pray for all who die in the line of duty.

God save us from the Lost Ones who bring death to others. They are killing us, Father. Amen.

Pray that Henry is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

August 26, 2015

Peggy Vassallo - Police Officer killed by vehicle on the way to work - Missouri

Peggy Vassallo
Sergeant Peggy Vassallo, age 53, died on August 24, 2015, on a roadway in St. Louis County, Missouri.

Sergeant Vassallo was a member of the Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department. She had over 14 years of service with the Department. Previously, she had served with the St. Louis County Police Department for over 13 years.

Bellefontaine Neighbors is an independent city suburb of St. Louis, Missouri and has a population of about 11,000.

Before 8:00 a.m, Peggy was driving her own car and was on the way to work when she was involved in a minor traffic accident with another vehicle. The driver of that car complained of neck pain. Peggy called dispatchers for medical assistance.

As she was talking on her cell phone, a speeding vehicle swerved around Peggy's car and struck her. She was rushed to a local hospital where tragically she succumbed to her injuries. 

The female driver of that vehicle is co-operating with the Police. The accident is under investigation. 

Peggy had wanted to work in law enforcement since she was 13 years old.

Peggy had worked as an instructor with the DARE program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in several local schools.  She was also involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program. She had also coached youth baseball, helped set up a youth skills and sports camp, and helped find housing for homeless people. 

Peggy worked security and also volunteered at a local veteran's home, bringing
Michael, Patron Saint of the Police, pray for
Peggy and for those who have lost her.
donuts to the Vets, reading to those who couldn't see well, and providing companionship. 

The Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department is in mourning over the death of their comrade.  Peggy was known as a compassionate and hard working officer who tried to make a difference in the community. Peggy will be forever remembered.

Peggy's loved ones are devastated over her sudden and tragic death. She wanted to help others and she did. She will be forever mourned.

Peggy is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including but not limited to her mother, her siblings, her husband, her son and grandchildren.

Thank you for your service to the community, Peggy. 

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Peggy is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Sam Haynes - a Good Samaritan stops doped-up woman on a highway in Ohio

Sam Haynes
During the evening of August 21, 2015, Sam Haynes, age 26, of Amelia, Ohio, was driving on Interstate 275.

He observed and filmed a vehicle travelling like a bat out of hell and swerving all over the roadway. The female driver crossed lanes erratically and twice sped onto the grass median strip and then back onto the road.

Sam Haynes shouted numerous times at the woman to stop her car and to pull over. She eventually slowed down enough for him to pull in front of her. He got out his vehicle and spoken calmly to the woman asking her if she was "messed up".

Sam went on the explain that his sister Lindsey was in a car accident in 2009, when she was struck by a vehicle driven by a man who was high on heroin. Lindsey was in a coma for several months and now uses a wheelchair and can't walk on her own.

The female driver, Sandra Harris, age 43, from Mt. Orab, Ohio, apologized profusely for driving erratically.

The police were called and when deputies arrived they found the woman passed out with her head on the steering wheel.

The woman admitted to police that she had used drugs before setting out on her road trip. The authorities believe that she was using either meth or heroin.

Sandra Harris was charged with operating a vehicle under the influence and various traffic infractions.

We offer this advice to all drivers: If you find that you are wasted, drunk or doped up on street drugs or prescription drugs or if you are falling asleep on your feet, do NOT drive. Call a family member or a friend for a ride; or take a taxi or a bus; or stay where you are until you sober up; or crawl home on your hands and knees. It will be better for you and for the world if you do.

Regret can last a lifetime.

Sam intervened because he didn't want anyone to get hurt the way his sister was.

Sam is a Good Samaritan.

God bless him and all who step up to prevent harm to others. Amen.

Pray for the health of his sister, Lindsey. 

Pray for Sandra Harris and for her recovery from drug addiction.  You can do it, Sandra. You can break the cycle. We are praying for you. 

August 24, 2015

Porsche Cartee - a 25 year old woman killed by a pitbull dog in South Carolina

Porsche Cartee, age 25, died at her home on August 22, 2015, in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. 

Porsche (Nicole)
She was known as Nicole to her family and friends. 

Around 6 p.m., Porsche, her sister and her mother were at home. There were also children in the house. 

Their elderly pitbull dog, named Spike, snapped and attacked Porsche's mother. Porsche tried to pull the dog off of her mom when the dog turned on her as well. Porsche suffered fatal wounds to her head and body. 

Porsche's sister managed to get the dog off of Porsche but the sister was also injured and may require surgery. 

Tragically, Porsche died at the scene of the attack. 

The dog was not neutered and weighed 85 pounds. 

The dog has been put to death.

The family had the dog since it was a puppy. No one has any idea as to why this dog turned against the women on the spur of the moment. However this dog had attacked the mother once before and she had been hospitalized at that time. 

The incident is under investigation by the local sheriff's office and Animal Control staff. 

Where are the authorities in South Carolina? Why do you allow Pit Bulls in your state? Wake up. 

Pit Bulls were bred over 200 years ago for bull baiting, bear baiting and dog fighting. They were never intended to be family pets. They should never be around infants or young children under any circumstances.

They have repeatedly proven that they can kill people, both young and old, including people passing by. They have killed grown women walking in the hallways of their apartment buildings; they have killed 40 year old men jogging by on a country road; they have killed toddlers playing on the floor.

You want a dog like
this in your home?
Many towns and cities, counties and states do not allow pit bulls and related breeds within their jurisdictions. Pitbulls are banned outright in many European countries, period.

Pit Bulls and all related dog breeds should be bred out of existence sooner rather than later.

Death by dog is not acceptable in a civilized country.

Please - no emails from readers stating that your pitbull is your best friend, saved your life and licks your baby's face. We've heard this bull-s**t before. 

Porsche's loved ones are devastated over her senseless and tragic death. She is described as a selfless woman who always looked out for her family. She was greatly loved. She will be forever mourned.

Porsche is survived by many loving friends and family members including her mother, her sister and her boyfriend, Patrick Powell.

Pray that Porsche is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Steven Vincent - Louisiana State Trooper Fatality

Senior Trooper Steven Vincent, age 43, died in the line of duty on August 23, 2015, at a hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana. 

Trooper Steven Vincent (L); Kevin Daigle (R)
Trooper Vincent was a member of the Louisiana State Police. He served with Troop "D", based in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He had almost 13 years of service. 

Around 3 p.m., 
Trooper Vincent came across a pickup truck in a ditch near Bell City. The license plates matched those of a reported reckless driver. He stopped to see what was wrong. The driver seemed to be impaired. As the two men were talking, the driver pulled out a sawed-off shotgun and shot Steven Vincent in the head. 

Reportedly at some point in this confrontation he said to Steven: "You're lucky. You're going to die soon." 

The trooper's in-car camera caught the shooting on film.

Steven was rushed to a hospital in Lake Charles where tragically he succumbed to his injuries. 

Michael, Patron Saint of the
Police, pray for Steven
and for those who have lost him.
The driver, Kevin Daigle, age 54, of Lake Charles, Louisiana, was subdued by several passing motorists who wrestled the shotgun from him and detained him until the police arrived. 

Kevin Daigle has been charged with the first degree murder of a law enforcement officer. 

The Louisiana State Police are in mourning over the death of their brother. Steve was a professional who was well respected by his peers. He was proud to be a Louisiana State Trooper. He will be forever remembered.

Steven's loved ones are devastated over his senseless and tragic death. He was a loving husband and father who loved life, his community and his profession. He did his best. He will be forever mourned.

Steven is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his wife, Katherine and his young son, Ethan.  Steven has two brothers in law enforcement, Terrell Vincent and Keith Vincent.

Thank you for your service to Louisiana, Steve.

Pray for all who die in the line of duty.

God save us from the psychopaths. They are killing us, Father. Amen.

Pray that Steven is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

August 22, 2015

Spencer Stone, Alex Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Chris Norman - Heroes aboard a train in Europe

On August 21, 2015, a gunman got on a high speed train travelling from the Netherlands through Belgium to France. He was carrying a Kalashnikov rifle, an automatic pistol and a box cutter knife.  

There were over 550 passengers on the train. 

Spencer Stone (top left); Alek Skarlatos (top right);
Anthony Sadler (bottom left); Chris Norman (bottom right)
Reports are conflicting, however it has been stated that the train was near Arras in northern France when a male French citizen tried to stop the gunman when he saw that the man was armed. The Frenchman was injured.

Another passenger was hit by a stray bullet while seated. 

It is suspected that the gunman is a 26 year old Moroccan Islamist terrorist
 who may have lived in Spain during 2014 and in Belgium in 2015. However this has not been confirmed as of this posting.

Three American men heard gunshots and then saw an armed man entering their train car.  Within seconds they stepped up to take action. A British male also came to their aid.  They struggled with the gunman and had to beat the man almost into unconsciousness before he stopped resisting. He was taken into police custody in Arras, France.

The men who intervened are:

Spencer Stone (a member of the U.S. Air Force)
Alek Skarlatos (a member of the U.S. National Guard)
Anthony Sadler (a U.S. civilian)
Christopher Norman (a British citizen living in France)

Pray for all who step up
in times of great danger.
They are the true heroes of
our world. 
Spencer Stone was injured during the struggle when he was seriously cut in the hand and neck by the gunman's knife. He has undergone surgery.

Spencer Stone, age 23, from Sacramento, California, is stationed in Portugal.  
Alek Skarlatos, age 23, from Roseburg, Oregon, is stationed in Afghanistan. The military men are childhood friends and were on leave. They were travelling with another friend, Anthony Sadler, a university student also from Sacramento, California. 

President Obama stated: "It is clear that their heroic actions may have prevented a far worse tragedy."

General Philip Breedlove, the U.S. Commander in Europe, praised the men for their brave intervention. 

Passengers on the train thanked the men for their courage and cool nerves in the face of this unexpected and violent attack.

Somebody had to intervene to prevent the possible slaughter of hundreds of innocents, and these men did intervene. 

Spencer Stone, Alex Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Chris Norman are all modern day heroes. 

God bless them and all who step up in times of extreme danger. Amen. 

August 20, 2015

Tom Zbyszewski, Andrew Zajac and Richard Wheeler - Firefighters killed - horrific fire in Washington State

Tom Zbyszewski, age 20, Andrew Zajac, age 26 and Richard Wheeler, age 31, died in the line of duty on August 19, 2015, on a roadway northeast of Seattle, Washington. 

These men were working with the U.S. Forest Service. 

Andrew Zajac (L); Tom Zbyszewski (R)
As of this date, a huge fire is raging in Okanogan County, Washington. The fire grew from 1,500 acres on August 19, 2015 to 16,000 acres on August 20, 2015. 

Tragically, three firefighters died in the fight against this fire.  Details are not confirmed but it appears that a number of men were fleeing from a fire zone when their vehicle crashed.  The firefighters were stranded in the middle of a wild fire.

Three of them succumbed to smoke and flames at the scene. 

Tragically deceased are:

Tom Zbyszewski, age 20
Andrew Zajac, age 26
Richard Wheeler, age 31
Florian, Patron Saint of
Firefighters, pray for Tom,
Andrew and Richard, and
for those who have lost them.

Four other firefighters were injured, including one man, Daniel Lyon, age 25, who was critically burned. 

The United States Forest Service is in mourning over the deaths of their young brothers. They will be forever remembered. 

Their loved ones are devastated over their sudden and tragic deaths. They will be forever mourned.

Tom, Andrew and Richard are survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members who will forever miss them. 

Oceans of tears will be shed for these men. 

Thank you for your service to Washington, Tom, Andrew and Richard. 

Pray for all who die in the line of duty. 

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Tom Zbyszewski, Andrew Zajac and Richard Wheeler are in heaven. Pray that they are at peace and are with God. Amen.

Pray for the recovery of Daniel Lyon and all who were injured in this tragic incident. 

Solomon Chau - a 26 year old victim of cancer in Toronto - and the lack of money for Medical Research

Solomon Chau, age 26, died on August 17, 2015, in Toronto, Canada.

Solomon had been diagnosed with liver cancer. Despite massive efforts on the part of doctors, Solomon's cancer was eventually determined to be terminal.

Solomon Chau and Jennifer
Solomon and his wife, Jennifer Carter, were the recipients of an outpouring of assistance due to an internet funding site set up for them by friends, who wanted them to have a wonderful but hastily arranged wedding and honeymoon.

They were married on April 11, 2015. They had 128 days together as a married couple.

Solomon grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, the youngest of four siblings. He went to George Brown College to become a chef and worked at an upscale restaurant in Toronto until his health deteriorated.

Friends describe Solomon as a loving and fun-loving guy. He was madly in love with his wife, Jennifer.

Solomon had a determination to live and fought this insidious disease with all of his might. During troubling times he stated that "Life is great."

Family members have requested that any donations in Solomon's name be directed
Light a candle for Solomon. Light his
way to Heaven.
to the Tim Horton Children's Foundation (, or to the Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care (

Solomon's loved ones are devastated over his tragic death. They describe him as a kind, funny and outgoing person. He was happy and tried to make others happy as well. He was a true optimist. He was a good man who did his best. He will be forever mourned.

Oceans of tears will be shed for Solomon.

Solomon is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his parents Kim and Son; his siblings, Mongkol, Thida, Thi Hannah and Mike; and his wife, Jennifer.

Over 8.5 million men, women and children die from cancer world-wide, every year. Cures for various cancers are slow to come or are non-existent in many cases, because there are not enough resources directed at cures for cancer. In other words, there isn't enough money.

In 2014, it is estimated that world governments spent 1,776 Billion U.S. dollars on military expenditures. 

But.... we have limited funds for medical research?

Some of the world's military budgets are spent on legitimate defense but much of it is spent on political chicanery, aggression and outright war in the quest for control over oil, land, resources and people.

It is a sad state of affairs that our money and human talent, are directed at our constant state of war and are not directed toward 
medical research, medical care, and agricultural research with a view to providing food, safety, lodging, clean water and the necessities of life for everyone, world-wide. 

We all have to speak up against war and aggression wherever we find it. 

God help us. Amen. 

Pray for all who suffer from cancer.

Pray for all who die young. They barely had a chance to live.

Pray that Solomon is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

August 17, 2015

Jackson - a good kid in Toronto, Canada

In a world full of sorrows, it is heart-warming to come across a human interest story that reaffirms one's trust in the future generation.

Librarians at the main branch of the Toronto Public Library found a note attached to a comic book that had been returned. The comic book was torn on one page. It could be repaired with a single strip of tape. 

The comic book had been borrowed from the library by "Jackson", who wrote a note addressed to "The Library". 

The note from Jackson said:  "I am sorry that a page ripped when it fell out of my bunk when I fell asleep reading. It won’t happen again. I’m sorry. From Jackson.”

Librarians at the branch stated that parents sometimes apologize to staff members if their children have damaged a book, but rarely is a note received from the child involved. 

You have to love this kid saying that "It won't happen again", as if falling asleep while reading was somehow his fault. 

The library staff posted an entry on their Facebook page that said:  "Here’s to many more nights falling asleep with a good book, Jackson!”

The library staff were quite impressed with Jackson and so are we.  

Jackson's loved ones are raising this boy with a sense of responsibility and accountability. Both of these traits are greatly needed in our world.  

God bless Jackson and all children on this planet. Amen.  

Corey Hood - U.S. soldier killed in tragic skydiving accident in Chicago

Corey Hood
Sergeant First Class Corey Hood, age 32, died on August 16, 2015, during a skydiving jump at an air show in Chicago, Illinois

At the air show, the Army Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frogs parachute teams were putting on an exhibition of skydiving. During the jump, Sergeant Hood, who was a member of the Golden Knights team, collided with another parachutist and was knocked unconscious. He struck the roof of a highrise building and then fell to the ground. 

Corey was rushed to a nearby hospital where tragically he succumbed to his injuries. 

The other parachutist managed to land safely and was treated for a broken leg. 

In 2001, Corey graduated from Lakota West High School in West Chester Township in Ohio.  During his high school years, Corey participated in wrestling and football. 

Corey enlisted in the Army more than 10 years ago and had served as a Forward Observer, Team Chief, Platoon Sergeant, and an Airborne Instructor. He began parachuting in 2010. 

Corey had served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded numerous decorations during his military career including two Bronze Stars. 
Light a candle for Corey. Light his
way to Heaven.

Corey enjoyed watching sports, riding motorcycles, skydiving and spending time with his family.

Corey's military comrades are in mourning over the death of their brother. They are shaken by the tragic circumstances of this accident. He will be forever remembered. 

Friends describe Corey as a hero with a lot of grit and determination.

Corey's loved ones are devastated over his sudden and tragic death. He was a loving and helpful man who did his best. They are extremely proud of Corey. He will be forever mourned.

Corey is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his wife Lyndsay.

Thank you for serving, Corey. 

Pray for all who die by misadventure. They are with us one moment and are gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Corey is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.