The Unhelpful Christian Hypocrites

Jesus, save us from the
Today, as were posting our last blog entry for the day, we received an angry email, stating that the information that we had posted about a particular man, was inaccurate.

It was stated in this email "He is not from Riviera Beach!!!" And the picture is not him!!!

The information posted to this blog is compiled from the information that is available on the internet at the time of posting. are correct, he was not from Riviera Beach, he was from another City, but this information was not available to us.

The picture of this man was posted to the Internet by your local TV station. The information about the city he lived in was provided to the Internet by a news service. We didn't know him.

Instead of being angry, why aren't you helpful? If you have information about this deceased man, why don't you provide it? If you knew that he wasn't from Riviera Beach, why didn't you tell us where he was from? If you had a proper updated photo, why didn't you provide it?

Often people in our society, including many Christians of all denominations, are
Who among the hypocrites, will
cast the first stone?
unhelpful and unloving. They weep and wail at Christian churches, kneeling and praying for salvation and justice, and yet strike out against all others, and are unlike Christ in every way. They lack real spirituality and human compassion and even common courtesy.

Christians often cast the "first stone" against others, including their own brethren in Christ.

So many Christians are hypocrites. God help us. 

If you have any information about any poor soul mentioned here, that you want to share or correct, contact this blog site. You can reach us at the "contact us" page.

Pray for the repose of the souls of all who are mentioned here. Amen

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