The Tragedy of Religion

God, the Father, do not
abandon us
The tragedy of religion is that religion leads people to hate, death and destruction.

Religion is supposed to lead us to God and to peace.

We all have faith in God, our Father, but our separate faiths lead us to death and division in our world. 

This has been going on since the beginning of recorded history.

An idiot Christian pastor burned a Quran in Florida and
Angels of God, weep for us
many people died over this, in another part of the world.

And then Islamic idiots beheaded innocent U.N. employees at their desks in retaliation.

God help us. Is there no end to retaliation? Is there no end to murder? 

Is there no mercy? Is there no compassion in this world?

All of God's angels, pray for us.

God save us from the religious freaks.  Amen. 

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