God help us to change

Have we evolved from this?
We are weary and sad today, about the number of military deaths that we have posted to this blog - with more possibly coming tomorrow. 

But we are not as sad and weary as the fathers and mothers and wives and children of those who have been killed in War. They suffer an unspeakable loss. The loss of your loved one is like a twisting knife in your heart.

The deaths in war roll in like thunder. They never stop. One after another, seemingly forever. 

Are we evolving from the caveman era? "Will we ever change with a view to having some semblance of peace on our planet? 

The missing link is the link of compassion and love for our own species.

God help us all. Do not abandon us Father. Hear us and answer us. Help us to change. Give us peace. Amen.

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