The Doctrine of Inclusion

God, the Father, who holds all life in His hands,
have mercy on all of us. 
This website is dedicated to God, our Father, who is the Master of the Universe.

This is a Catholic oriented website, but Catholics alone do not hold the only connection to God, despite the Magesterium of the Church.  Neither do the Protestants. There are 30,000 Christian sects.  Many of them claim to be the only path to God.

The Doctrine of Inclusion is that all who seek God, will find Him. The mission of Jesus is not to judge the world but to save the world, and all in it.  Let him fulfill his mission.

The doctrine of inclusion means that every man and woman, since the beginning of
Father, lead all souls to Heaven
history, is a child of Our Father. Everyone is connected to the Father. Everyone is included in the Universal Plan. Everyone is equal and goes to the Father in the end. God will judge your failings if He wishes.

Father, bring all who have died, unto you.
Father, have mercy on all of the living.
Father give us justice - now or in Heaven.
Father, lead us all into paradise.


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