December 27, 2017

John Michulka - A Good Samaritan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

John Michulka
Around 2:00 a.m. on December 27, 2017, John Michulka was driving on the Roosevelt Expressway in North Philadelphia. 

John is a tow truck driver and was in the area for work. 

John witnessed a minivan overturn and start on fire. He ran over to the scene and noticed the driver was unresponsive and unable to extract himself from the vehicle. 

John called over two other men in the vicinity and the three of them were able to pull the man to the side of the expressway. It was only a minute later that the minivan started to blow up. 

John said that when he saw the accident, he didn't know if an entire family was inside. He has five children himself and immediately wanted to help. 

The driver of the overturned minivan was taken to a local hospital and will recover. He was injured but not burned. 

The Good Samaritan reaches out
to strangers in danger.

John Michulka is a Good Samaritan.

Good Samaritans are the everyday heroes of the modern era.

God bless John Michulka and all who step up to help strangers in times of great distress. Amen.

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