February 17, 2016

Nicole Guimond - a victim of domestic murder in Ontario, Canada

Nicole Guimond, age 28, died on February 14, 2016, at her home in Odessa, Ontario. 
Nicole Guimond

Nicole was known as Nikki to her family and friends. 

Odessa is about 15 miles west of Kingston, Ontario. 

Tragically, Nicole was shot and killed by her former boyfriend, Travis Sayyeau, age 24, who then shot himself. Travis was taken to a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Both Nicole and Travis had worked together at a restaurant in Ottawa before they became a couple. Later, they had moved to Odessa when Nicole's mother offered them her house to live in while she travelled abroad. Nicole was working at a restaurant in Kingston. 

In recent months, the couple had broken up but continued to live together as roommates.  This was supposed to be a temporary situation until Travis sorted out his plans for the future.

Nicole had met a new boyfriend just a month ago. It is speculated that Travis could not deal with the fact that Nicole had found someone new. 

Hindsight is 20-20 and it is easy to come up with advice after the fact. However, if you are experiencing a relationship breakdown and feel that you are losing control because of it:

~Speak to a friend or a family member who you know is calm and who will not exacerbate the situation.
~Speak to a priest, a pastor or someone you trust. 
~On the Internet, look up "crisis line" for your state or province and telephone them. They will have counsellors on the line who can talk to you about your situation.
~Go to the local hospital's emergency room and say that you are losing it and that you need help. You may need strong prescription drugs to calm you down. You may need immediate psychological counselling. 
~Do anything you can to prevent yourself from murdering the person you once loved. 

Friends describe Nicole as a loving woman with a big heart.  She was generous and kind. She always had a smile on her face.

Nicole's loved ones are devastated over her sudden and tragic death. She will be
Light a candle for Nicole. Light her way
to Heaven.
forever mourned.

Oceans of tears have been shed for Nicole.

Nicole is survived by many loving friends and family members including her mother.

God save us from those who say they love us and then kill us. Amen.

Pray that Nicole is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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