October 23, 2015

Joshua Wheeler - U.S. Military Fatality - Iraq

Joshua Wheeler
Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, age 39, of Roland, Oklahoma, died in the line of duty on October 22, 2015, in Kirkuk Province, Iraq.

Master Sgt. Wheeler was assigned to Headquarters - U.S. Army Special Operations Command, based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Several dozen U.S. special operations troops and Iraqi forces were involved in the raid of a prison compound near the town of Hawija in northern Iraq. The intention of the raid was to free approximately 70 Iraqi prisoners being held by ISIS militants. The prisoners were in imminent danger of being executed. Their mass grave had already been dug.

During the exchange of gunfire between ISIS members and U.S./Iraqi troops, Joshua Wheeler was wounded. Tragically, he succumbed to his injuries.

The raiders on this mission were able to kill and capture a number of ISIS militants, the 70 prisoners were freed and some valuable intelligence about the terrorist organization was retrieved from the compound.

Joshua graduated from Muldrow High School in Muldrow, Oklahoma in 1994.  He joined the Army as an infantryman in May of 1995. He trained at Fort Benning, Georgia. Over the years he worked his way up through the ranks from infantryman, rifle team leader, squad leader, weapons squad leader, and anti-tank section leader. 

Joshua was assigned to the Army Special Operations Command in 2004. He was
Angels of God, pray for Joshua and for those
who have lost him.
deployed to combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan numerous times during his career.

During his military career, Joshua received dozens of medals and decorations for his outstanding service. 

Joshua's military comrades are in mourning over the death of their brother. He was selfless and heroic. His actions on this mission helped to save the lives of 70 men. He will be forever remembered.

Joshua's loved ones are devastated over his sudden and tragic death. He was a loving husband and father. He did his best. He will be forever mourned.

Joshua is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his wife and his four sons.

Thank you for your service to your country, Joshua.

Pray that Joshua is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Pray without ceasing unto God for an end to all Wars. 

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