September 25, 2015

Valentina Liz - a Good Samaritan in New York - gives ticket to see Pope to Saul Mejia

On September 24, 2015, Saul Mejia, age 24, flew in from Colorado, to see Pope Francis in New York City.  Saul is a restaurant cashier in Littleton, Colorado. The trip cost him almost all of the money he had. 

Even as a teenager, Saul had wanted to see the Pope. 

Valentina Liz and Saul Mejia
When Saul landed in New York he found out that tickets were needed to see the Pope even for observers on the street.  Saul didn't know how to go about getting tickets. Even though the tickets are free, they were all taken weeks ago. 

In the early morning hours, Saul wandered around asking if he could buy tickets from anyone. He tried to wait by a nearby church on the route that the Pope was going to take but security guards kept kicking him out telling him that if he didn't have a ticket, he had to leave.

Valentina Liz, age 53, of Washington Heights, heard Saul's pleas and gave Saul one of her viewing tickets in an act of generosity and kindness.  Valentina said that the Pope was here for people like Saul - the young and the next generation.

Saul was overcome at the kindness of this woman. He broke down into tears. 

Later the same day, another woman gave Saul tickets to see the Pope in Central Park on September 25, 2015, since she was already planning to see the Pope in Philadelphia later in the weekend. 

On September 25, 2015, Saul told the press: "It means the world.......I don't have a way to repay anyone for any of this." 

Saul also said that the kind gestures of Valentina and the other donor have renewed his faith in mankind. 

God bless Valentina and the other donor.  They are Good Samaritans. 

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