July 18, 2015

Matt Hickling - a Good Samaritan male nurse "marries" 4 year old cancer patient in Albany, New York

Abby, a 4 year old cancer patient "married" her favorite male nurse on July 16, 2015. 

Abby is a patient at the Albany Medical Center in Albany, New York and Matt had been one of her main nurses during her cancer treatments in the past year. 

Abby and Matt
Abby takes a chemotherapy pill every day and is subjected to a spinal tap once every three months. She has a year and a half of treatments remaining. 

Abby asked Matt Hickling if he would "marry her" and he agreed. 

Matt heard from Abby's mother that she was excited to go for treatment this week because she was getting married. 

Pray for Abby
Matt and his colleagues stepped up and arranged a ceremony.  Abby was given a white princess gown to slip over her clothes and Matt wore a Tuxedo T-Shirt. The staff at the Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer hummed the wedding march.  Abby was walked down the aisle by her mother and two nurses who acted as bridesmaids. There were rose petals scattered on the floor. 

Abby's doctor, Dr. Jennifer Pearce, officiated at the wedding.  Matt then pushed Abby in a hot pink car with a "just married" sign on it with tin cans tied to the back. 

Then everyone had cake and a good time. 

Abby said it was the "best day ever". 

Matt and the staff at the Center hope that this gesture on their part will keep the little girl's spirits high during her ordeal. 

Pray for Abby.  Pray that she recovers her health fully and that she goes on to lead a long and happy life. Amen. 

God bless Matt Hickling.  He is a Good Samaritan. Amen. 

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