March 18, 2015

André Creel and Jean-Michel Gélinas - Good Samaritans in Montreal, Canada

Jean-Michel Gélinas (L); André Creel (R)
Just before midnight on March 12, 2015, a woman inadvertently fell onto the subway tracks at the Jarry Metro station in Montreal, Quebec.

She was unconscious and was bleeding.

Three men were standing on the subway station platform and heard people calling for help.

The men could hear a train coming in the distance. They jumped down onto the tracks at great risk to their lives. Some of these rails are electrified with 750 volts which can easily kill you.

Two of the men are André Creel, age 27, and Jean-Michel Gélinas, age 29. The third man did not give his name to reporters.

The men all said that they reacted in the heat of the moment. They saw someone in
The Good Samaritan comes to the aid
of strangers, selflessly. 
need and responded automatically without thinking.  It was just the human thing to do.

They were able to pull the woman up to the platform and called transit staff who quickly arrived and stabilized the woman who had suffered a head injury.

Transit authorities are happy that the woman is okay but state that if a situation like this arises, you should use a Metro emergency phone to communicate directly with the underground control centre. The control centre can cut the current and stop oncoming trains. An emergency phone is found on every subway platform. There is also a lever at the phone station that you can pull to cut the power to the tracks.

God bless André Creel, Jean-Michel Gélinas and the unnamed man who came to the aid of this woman. They are Good Samaritans.

God knows that we need more men like them on this Earth.

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