February 2, 2015

A Good Samaritan in Las Vegas gives a homeless man his Kindle E-Reader

Paul and his Kindle
A businessman from San Diego was on a routine business trip in early 2015 in Las Vegas.  Over a period of days he came across the same homeless man repeatedly reading the same old and worn book. 

The businessman struck up a conversation with the homeless man, whose name is Paul, and found out that Paul liked to read but only had that one book.  

The businessman, who is unnamed as of this date, gave Paul his own Kindle E-Reader. The Kindle was preloaded with over 300 books and Paul was shown how to use it. The businessman also gave Paul an address that he could mail the Kindle to, if and when, he ran out of the books that are installed on it. 

The donor stated: "It brought me a lot of joy to see someone getting so much from something that I gave them. It feels so good to see someone get so much from something I took for granted. I'm also hoping that by sharing this, I will encourage others to do something kind as well."

God bless the anonymous Kindle donor.  He is a Good Samaritan.  

God knows that we need more men like him on this Earth.  

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