January 3, 2015

Stuart Chaffin - a Good Samaritan in Orange County, Florida

Stuart Chaffin
On December 22, 2014, Stuart Chaffin was driving with his 15 year old daughter to meet his wife and their other daughter for lunch.

At about 12:15 p.m, he was behind a vehicle that crossed over the median and collided with a maintenance truck on a roadway in Orange County. The truck had three men inside.

The collision caused a fire to break out and a fireball shot 40 feet into the air.

Stuart dragged the driver of the car to safety. He then went to help the people inside the truck. One man was still inside and was on fire and shouting: "Get me out. Don't let me burn." Stuart was able to extricate the man from the vehicle and roll him on the ground trying to put out the flames.

The three men inside the truck were taken to a hospital in Orlando. Two survived. Tragically one of the men, Frankie Carranza, age 30, of Polk County, died of his injuries.

John Kristich, of Winter Park, is the driver who caused the crash. He is uninsured and
The Good Samaritan comes to the
aid of others, selflessly.
has a suspended driver's license from a DUI charge last June. It is unclear at this time as to what charges John Kristich may face.

Stuart was burned on several locations on his own body during his rescue attempt. He is faced with paying his own medical bills. His wife was the one who carried their health insurance until she was laid off from her job.

First responders describe Stuart Chaffin as a hero who was selfless and quick-thinking. Stuart refutes any claims to heroism and states that he did what he had to do because all life is precious. He said that he would do it again despite the injuries he sustained.

Stuart Chaffin spent 23 years working as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Stuart Chaffin is a Good Samaritan.

God bless him and all who come to the aid of strangers. God knows we need more men like him in this world.

Pray for Frankie Carranza, the victim of this tragedy.  Pray that he is at peace and that he is with God.  Amen. 

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