December 1, 2014

Shannon Jones - Victim of Domestic Murder - Cayuga Heights, New York

Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones, age 23, died on November 27, 2014, at her apartment in Cayuga Heights, New York.

Her boyfriend, Benjamin Cayea, age 32, has admitted to strangling her during an argument. She turned blue and had no pulse. He did not perform CPR nor did he call for help.

Ben Cayea drove to the home of a friend who said that Ben was hysterical and sobbing when he described what he had done. He said he had just snapped. He then threatened to kill himself.

He has been charged with second degree murder.

Shannon and Benjamin had been dating on and off for two years.  Friends said that they had a turbulent relationship.

Shannon was from Montgomery County, Maryland. She attended Winston Churchill 
Ben Cayea
High School in Potomac and graduated in 2009.

Shannon was an engineering student at Cornell University. She was enthusiastic about all things connected to astronomy and Space.

Friends describe her as a bright young student who was full of life and energy. She was well-liked and had many interests across campus, including theater and dancing. She was kind and very intelligent.

Shannon's loved ones are devastated by her tragic death. They describe her as a wonderful, bright and upbeat young woman. She was determined and focused. She will be forever mourned.

Although the prehistory of this couple's relationship is described as turbulent, we do not know if there were prior incidents of violence.

However, generally we submit the following advice to anyone in a relationship. The
Angels of God, pray for Shannon
and for those who have lost her
first time that your spouse or partner (whether male or female) threatens you with a beating or death; holds a knife to your throat or a gun to your head, or throws an ashtray or a lamp at your face or punches you in the gut, or kicks you to the floor or gives you a black eye, start planning to leave - sooner rather than later. The relationship is over. Everyone wants to be loved, but abuse and fear is not love.

Shannon is survived by many loving friends and family members including her mother and her brother, John. She was predeceased by her father in 2013.

Pray for justice for Shannon.

God save us from those who say they love us and then kill us.

Pray that Shannon is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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