July 9, 2014

Tylea Moore - an infant kicked to death at her home in Arlington, Texas

Joshua Beard (L), Alexis Botello (Mid); Tylea Moore (R)
Tylea Moore, age 19 months, died on or about July 4, 2014, at her home in Arlington, Texas.

Tylea was in the care of her mother, Alexis Botello, age 17, and her boyfriend, Joshua Beard, age 20.

The couple had been arguing because Joshua was yelling at the child, Tylea, calling her a little demon. It is reported that he kicked her, beat her and threw her on the bed and she bounced off and landed on the floor. He then kicked her in the stomach until she vomited "green stuff".

The next day Alexis checked on Tylea and found her covered in bruises and bite marks. She looked "awful". At some point the two realized that the child was dead and went to Walmart to buy a shovel and gloves. They drove 30 miles to a secluded area and buried Tylea under a bridge.

Alexis had recently graduated from high school. She had been dating Joshua Beard for only a few months. The child's father is Chris Moore, a Marine, who had attended
Light a candle for the children who die at
the hands of those who are
supposed to love them
the same school as Alexis.

Joshua Beard has been charged with capital murder. He is also facing drug charges in an unrelated incident. The mother, Alexis Botello, has been charged with tampering with evidence and injury to a child.

In photos, everyone looks well dressed and reasonably well off. The mother can afford braces on her teeth, and gowns and fancy hairdos. The child looks well cared for. This is not a skid row situation. 

Regardless of appearances, the child is still dead.

If this poor child, Tylea, was 19 months old and gestation is 9 months - then the 17 year old mother and her Marine partner conceived this child when Alexis was 14. Where were the parents of Alexis Botello and the parents of Chris Moore when this happened?  Why did you let your kids run wild at age 14?

There is not much else to say about this horrific tragedy. An infant has been robbed of her life and has suffered a brutal death. A young man may face the death penalty. A young woman may face prison time and a lifetime of regret.

Tylea is mourned by many loving well-wishers and by strangers who wish they could have been her parents.

Pray for justice for Tylea.

God save the children who are killed by those who are supposed to love them.

The angels are weeping for this child.

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