July 9, 2014

Ben Corr - A Good Samaritan in London, England

Ben Corr
Ben Corr, age 36, is a Good Samaritan in London, England.

Ben was on his way to work, as a Statistician, during the morning rush hour when he was flagged down by a woman near Charing Cross rail bridge. She pointed out a man who, it is believed, had deliberately jumped into the Thames river, and was drifting dangerously close to the base of the London Eye.

The London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London.

The woman was holding a life ring (life preserver) but needed help to throw it out to the man in the water.

Ben said that the woman was shaken up, as we all would be. Ben tried to fling the life preserver to the man in the water but it missed him. The man was flailing in the water.

Ben, against his better judgment, entered the river and swam to the man in distress. He knew that it is recommended that you not attempt these life saving efforts if you are not a professional.

At first, the man resisted but then held on to the life preserver ring. A lifeboat crew (first
The Good Samaritan comes to
the aid of strangers, selflessly
responders) were able to pull the two men to shore where they were treated by ambulance crews.

The man who had jumped in the river has gone for further medical assessment.

First responder crews stated that the man in distress would have died if it was not for the efforts of Ben Corr.

Ben Corr is a Good Samaritan. Jumping into a large, murky, cold, and rapid river to save a stranger is not something that most of us would do. 

God bless Ben Corr and all who come to the aid of strangers.  They are the true heroes of our World.

God knows we need more men like Ben.

Pray for the man who tried to commit suicide.  Pray that he is lifted out of his torment. Amen. 

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