July 23, 2014

Nicole Gates - a Store Clerk murdered in Battle Creek, Michigan

Nicole Gates and her three children
Nicole Gates, age 27, of Hastings, Michigan, died on July 23, 2014, in Battle Creek, Michigan. 

Nicole was an employee of a gas station/convenience store just west of Battle Creek's downtown. She was working the overnight shift. She had just started the job on July 3rd. 

She told friends that she had been taunted by a man and his three friends outside of the gas station on July 22, the night before.  Nicole knew her assailant but it is unknown at this time if they were in a romantic relationship.  

Shawn Pike
In the early morning hours of July 23, Nicole was found stabbed to death in a back room.  Beer, cigarettes and lottery tickets had been stolen from the store and her car was stolen. 

Shawn Pike, age 30, has been arrested in connection with this tragedy. He is facing charges of murder and armed robbery.  A 21 year old man was also arrested and may be charged with accessory to murder. 

Shawn Pike has a prior criminal record including sexual assault. He is only 30 years old and yet he is racking up a rap sheet like Judas. 

Angels of God, pray for Nicole
and for her children who
have lost their mother
If you have any information about this crime, you are asked to call Battle Creek Police at 269-966-3322 or Silent Observer at 269-964-3888.

Nicole was a mother of two young sons and a young daughter.

Nicole's loved ones are devastated over her senseless and tragic death. She will be forever mourned.

Nicole is survived by many loving friends and family members including her three children who have been robbed of a mother. 

Pray for all who go to work and who die there. 

God save us from the psychopaths.  They are killing us, Father.

Pray that Nicole is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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