August 19, 2013

Tong Ming Ming - a Good Samaritan in Singapore

Tong Ming Ming, age 34, is a Good Samaritan in Singapore.

Tong Ming Ming and his operation scars
He is a former police officer who is now a cab driver in Singapore.  His story has largely been hidden from the Western Media.

Five months ago, he donated 70 percent of his liver to a stranger who was on the brink of death and in need of a liver transplant. Tong Ming Ming had heard about a plea for a liver transplant on Facebook. 

The Good Samaritan comes to the
aid of strangers, selflessly
The stranger is a civil servant, Toh Lai Keng, age 43.  The two men are now close friends. 

He has been praised by Singaporeans as having touched the hearts of many who are not half as brave as him. 

When asked if there were any objections to him wanting to be a donor to a stranger when the outcome could have been fatal to both parties,  he replied "Mom was ok, since young she knows that I want to help someone. I told her when I was very young, that if I die, donate all my organs.  I got the full support of my mom.”

Tong Ming Ming is a bachelor and a Christian.  

He regularly does volunteer work and frequently transports amputees for medical appointments, kidney patients for dialysis and poor older folk to church.  He will waive the fare, although some regular passengers pay a token sum.

God bless Tong Ming Ming.  Amen. 

God knows we need more men like him in this world and fewer war-mongers. 

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