September 20, 2012

Kris Doubledee - a True Samaritan - Winnipeg

Kris Doubledee, age 38, a City of Winnipeg Transit bus driver, performed an act of love and charity on September 18, 2012, which has gained world-wide attention.

Passengers on a Winnipeg City bus on a busy downtown route, reported to the media that Kris had pulled the bus to the curb on the morning of September 18th, called to a man on the sidewalk, went out to the man and then gave the man his shoes because the man was barefoot and it was cold. Kris then went back to his bus and drove it in his sock feet. 

When a passenger asked him why he was so generous as to give his own shoes to a stranger, Kris replied "I couldn't stand seeing someone walking barefoot in this temperature."

He had seen the man walking without shoes the day before and couldn't bear to see him walking barefoot again. 

Kris has a deep faith in God that guides his day-to-day actions. He'll often offer up prayers for the people he sees. "It's kind of a thing with me. I see somebody with a disability or a need, I try to take their pain away or pray they find relief." He prayed the first time he saw the shoeless man. When he saw him the second day, he thought that was a sign to get involved.
Pray for more men
like Kris Doubledee
in this World. 

"The first time I saw him I asked the Lord 'Can you take his pain away?' The next day, it's like God put him there. I pulled over the bus. I knew I had to help him."

Kris doesn't belong to a church or really have much to do with organized religion.  Maybe he cares more about positive and loving action than religious dogma and ritual.

Kris Doubledee isn't a Saint. But his act of kindness is a saintly act - the giving of yourself to others. 

Kris sort of thinks that everyone would do this.  No, everyone would not really do this.  It takes a special kind of person to take the shoes off of their feet and to give them to another.  It takes a special kind of person to love strangers on the street. 

God bless men and women like Kris Doubledee. Amen

God knows that we need more men and women like him on this planet. 

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