September 4, 2012

Dana Woods and June Guerry - Murdered in South Carolina

Dana Woods, age 18, and June Guerry, age 22, of Alvin, South Carolina, were murdered on August 27, 2012, in Francis Marion National Forest in South Carolina.

Dana Woods
Dana Woods' body was found close to her burned out car. June Guerry's body was found about 10 miles away. They had both been shot dead. 

The two women had gone out together late on August 26, 2012, for hamburgers in Moncks Corner and then disappeared. 

Caleb Brad Matlock and Arthur Ray Chavis, who are cousins and both age 23, have been charged with the murders of Dana and June. 

All four were known to be friends and one of the women had previously dated one of the men. Some of them were Facebook friends with each other. 

June Guerry
Both women were graduates of Timberland High School. Dana was a student and worked at Papa John's restaurant. June worked at Walmart and was the mother of a 2 year old daughter. 

Both women have been described as straight laced women and diligent employees. 

Dana is described as a sweet girl and a loyal friend who had aspirations to become a paralegal. She was attending Trident Technical College. 

June will be forever missed. 

June is survived by many loving friends and relatives including her parents, Charles Britt and Linda Faye Guerry; sisters - April, Rachel, Victoria and Laura; brother Charles Britt Jr. and her daughter Emma Marie Guerry.

Angels of God, pray for Dana.
Angels of God, pray for June.
Dana is survived by many loving friends and relatives including her mother Jennifer Holcomb Hill and stepfather Len Hill Jr.; her father Danny Woods and stepmother Rhonda; her sisters Katie and Melody; and her brother Brandon Hill. 

God save us from our friends and those we date who later kill us. Amen

God save us from the Lost Ones who stalk the Earth bringing death to others. Amen

Let us pray that Dana Woods and June Guerry are in heaven. Let us pray that they are at peace and are with God. Amen.

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