July 23, 2012

Canadian Optometrists - Greedy S.O.B.'s

I am a Canadian. Today, I went to an eye doctor (an ophthalmologist) for an eye test and a check on cataracts and other eye related issues. This cost me $75.00. 

Eye related health in the Canadian Health Care System is not covered unless you are age 65 or over. 

I got a new prescription for a change to my eyeglasses. My vision has always been lousy. I am severely myopic but I don't wear coke bottle eyeglasses. I buy high index lenses, which are relatively thin. 

I will probably not buy new eyeglasses any time soon. 

Hi there. I'm a Canadian Optometrist.    This is my alter ego.
The reason for not buying new eyeglasses is that I need 2 pairs of glasses when my prescription changes. I need a back-up pair because my vision is that bad. If a pair of eyeglasses broke, I would have to wait for weeks and weeks for a replacement pair. I would basically be half blind without a pair of eyeglasses.

This costs me almost $1,000. I don't have the money right now to buy 2 pairs of eyeglasses in Canada. 

Canadian optometrists and opticians are thieves and price gougers. 

They come up with this story - "We have overhead - we have to pay rent, hire staff, buy products and make a profit."  So does every other business in Canada. 
A nose bridge and 2 side pieces and
this costs $500. for one pair?
What design is there in this?

Optometrists and Opticians also come up with this story. "Jeez, you want designer frames? You have to pay for it." 

I wear rimless eyeglasses and have done so for years. There are two lenses connected by a nose bridge and 2 earpieces. There is no expensive innovation to the design of these eyeglasses. You couldn't get any more basic if you tried and yet they still charge close to $1,000. for 2 pairs. 

A friend said to me that "they get all of this s*** from China and pay 5 dollars for it and pop in the lenses. It all comes down to them paying $75. and charging you $500." 

God help those who truly can't afford these eyeglasses. Many can't.  

God save us from the greedy optometrists and opticians.  Amen

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