January 16, 2012

Anonymous Movement

"Anonymous" is a group of anarchists and computer hackers, who monitor the actions of governments, government agencies, corporations, banking institutions, police and soldiers and war activities.

They are a loosely organized group of men and women who support watching what these agencies are doing and if they don't like it, they raise hell. They can rally thousands of people for any cause at the drop of a hat.

Their motto is: We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.  This is a good thing. 

On the surface, this sounds extreme. In reality, it is all about "now".'

Silenced by the Corporations
These "Anonymous" men and women would never have allowed the holocausts that occurred in World War Two to occur without a fight. They would have spoken up and taken action in whatever way they could, before the Holocausts even occurred. They would not have sat around debating the issue. They would have stepped up. And they step up now. 

They are modern day heroes. They are the Knights of Justice, in our era. 

Pray for those men and women who speak up against injustice, who question the status quo, who stand up against the governments and the corporations and who stand up for the common people. 

Pray for those who bleed for others.

God help us all. Amen

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