January 17, 2012

Pray for these 4 young men

Neil I. Turner, age 21, 
of Tacoma, Washington

I am an old man.  I am drawing closer to God with every breath I take.

But at least I had a chance to get old.  I was not killed by War. I was looking over my own blog today and saw these 4 names from this past week and it didn't make me happy. 

Dustin P. Napier, age 20,
of London, Kentucky

Pray for these young men, all who died unjustly and before their time.  These men died due to War, in their 20's, in the last few weeks. 

Christopher A. Patterson,
age 20, of Aurora, Illinois

These poor boys never got a chance at much of anything.  

They never got a chance to grow up.

They never had a chance at having their own children. 

Brian J. Leonhardt, age 21,
of Merrillville, Indiana

        They didn't get much help in this world. They were well loved. But they were cut down in their youth and in the prime of life.

Pray for Neil, Christopher, Dustin and Brian, who all died in their early 20's. 

Pray that these boys are in heaven. Pray that they are with the Father. Pray that they have found Peace.  Amen. 

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