March 16, 2017

Good Samaritans - Jonathan Mango; Debbie Bolton

Jonathan running towards the woman on the tracks
On March 8, 2017, Jonathan Mango, age 28, was driving on a street in Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

He was idling at a railway crossing when he noticed an elderly woman, with canes in each hand, hobbling across the train tracks.

Red lights were flashing and a train was in the distance. Jonathan darted out of his car, ducked under the lowered railway gates and ran to the woman. Another unknown man rushed up to help and together they managed to direct the woman to safety just as a commuter train sped past.

If she had not received help, she would have been killed.

It was later determined that the woman is 89 years old, doesn't speak English well and often goes on walks by herself.

Credit also goes to the train conductor who applied the emergency brakes and slowed the train, giving an extra few seconds to Jonathan and the other man to lead the woman to safety.

Jonathan was praised for his actions but replied: "It's just an ordinary Wednesday."

On March 8, 2017, a man and his young daughter were at the Omaha, Nebraska airport tying to check in for a flight. When he had booked the flight in January, his daughter was under the age of 1 year old and was therefore allowed to fly for free. In the interim, the girl had a birthday and was now 2 years old and her flight would not now be free.

Debbie Bolton at the reservation counter
The man was visibily very upset. He didn't have the extra money and he started making telephone calls. The plane fare for the girl was over $700 U.S.

Debbie Bolton was standing nearby and asked the man what was wrong. When she heard his story she approached the reservation desk and offered to pay for the girl's plane ticket. And she did pay the fare.

Debbie is the co-founder of Norwex, an international cleaning supplies company, and she was passing through Omaha on her way home.

Debbie did not want any publicity over this incident. Friends have stated that she is an amazing woman.

The Good Samaritans reach out to
strangers who are in distress.

God bless Jonathan Mango who is a Good Samaritan. 

God bless Debbie Bolton who is a Good Samaritan.

They are the people who step up in times of need and in times of distress.

Good Samaritans are the everyday heroes of the modern era.

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