September 19, 2016

Sara Salih - a Victim of a shooting rampage in Philadelphia, Pennyslvaniva

Sara Salih
Sara Salih, age 25, died on September 17, 2016, at a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Before Midnight on September 16, 2016, Sara was sitting in a car on a residential street near her family's home in West Philadelphia. She was chatting to a male friend after an evening out.

Out of nowhere, a man unknown to them approached their vehicle and started shooting. Sara was shot multiple times in the chest. Her friend was shot in the chest and arm.

Both were rushed to a nearby hospital where, tragically, Sara died of her injuries, several hours later.

Her male companion is expected to live.

Nicholas Glenn, age 25, had gone on a shooting rampage that night. He shot a male and a female police officer, a man and a woman working at a local bar, as well as Sara
Pray for Sara and for
those who have lost her.
and her boyfriend.

Nicholas Glenn was shot several times by the Police and later died.

His motive for this horrific rampage is unclear. He had a note in his possession rambling on about his hatred of the police, probation officers and the justice system. He had an extensive criminal history of drug charges, had served time in prison and was obviously mentally ill.

Sara's family moved to the U.S. when she was a young girl. She graduated from high school in Philadelphia. She was interested in fashion design and in paralegal work.

Sara's loved ones are devastated over her sudden and tragic death. She was outgoing and outspoken. She did her best. She will be forever mourned.

Sara is survived by many loving friends and family members who will forever miss her.

Pray for all who die young. They barely had a chance to live.

God save us from the psychopaths. They are killing us, Father. Amen.

Pray that Sara is in Heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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