August 13, 2016

Steve Dunham - a Good Samaritan Cop in Franklin, Ohio

Officer Steve Dunham is a member of the Franklin Police Department, Ohio. 

Steve Dunham
Franklin is a city of just under 12,000 and is located about 40 miles northeast of Cincinnati. 

On August 7, 2016, Steve noticed a 7 year old boy standing outside of a pharmacy. He was trying to sell his teddy bear in order to get money for something to eat. He reported that he hadn't eaten in several days. 

Steve took the boy to a local Subway to get something to eat and took him back to the Franklin Police Department and ate the meal with the boy. 

The boy comes from a home with two parents and four other brothers, aged 11 to 17.  

The home was a wreck. There were cockroaches, cats and the smell of urine. There were numerous empty liquor bottles at the home but the only available food was rotten. 

The Good Samaritan reaches
out to others in need.
The children have been removed from the home and are staying with relatives. The parents are under investigation for neglect and have been charged with child endangerment. 

Steven Dunham said the situation broke his heart. He stated that he was just doing his job, but that police officers want to go home at night feeling that they have done something positive in the community. 

Steve Dunham is a Good Samaritan Police Officer. 

Police Officers do this type of thing every day but their humanitarian efforts often get lost in the media coverage of Police Officers who do the wrong thing.

God bless Steve Dunham and all who step up to help strangers in distress. Amen. 

Every child deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a child. 

Pray for these children. 

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