March 23, 2016

Neil Vary - a Good Samaritan in Ottawa, Canada

Christina Alfonzo, age 28, is a medical student on a short term course at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. 

Neil Vary; Christina Alfonzo
The Heart Institute is a well-regarded Canadian cardiovascular health centre. 

Christina is originally from Canada. Her family lives in Oakville, Ontario. 
She is currently a medical student in Australia and had flown to Canada to attend the course. 

At about 5:00 p.m., on March 16, 2016, she was walking to her apartment from the University when she felt extremely ill. She was dizzy and her vision was becoming blurry.

She knew she was in trouble and waved at a car coming toward her.

The driver of the car was Neil Vary who was returning home from his workplace at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Neil stopped, and seeing that Christina was in distress, offered to drive her to the Emergency Department at a nearby hospital.

He was very concerned for her health as she seemed to becoming sicker by the minute.

Neil walked Christina into the Emergency Department and straight to the triage desk.
The Good Samaritan
reaches out to strangers
in distress.
Staff there quickly attended to Christina. She went into surgery to remove a blood clot in her brain.

Christina will fully recover. She will recuperate at her family's home in Oakville. Her husband has flown in from Australia to be with her.

Christina's family are extremely grateful to Neil Vary for coming to Christina's assistance. They realize that people are often hesitant to stop for strangers who are waving them down on the street. People are afraid of what they may be getting involved in.

Neil stated that it was the staff at the hospital who saved the day. He also stated that if he or one of his loved ones were in a similar situation, he would want someone to pull over and offer help as he did.

Neil is a Good Samaritan. 

In this troubled world, we need more men and women who will step up for others. 

God bless Neil Vary and who all come to the aid of strangers. Amen.

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