December 2, 2015

The National Rifle Association - do not support them

The N.R.A. (The National Rifle Association) is an organization comprised of gun owners, gun manufacturers and gun lobbyists who believe that every American citizen should have a firearm. 

If these weapons are not available to you at your local gun shop, you can order them on the Internet or get them from the dude peddling them in the back alley near your home. 

Say "No" to the National Rifle Association and their ideals
As a consequence of this approach, habitual criminals, psychopaths, anarchists, terrorists and the boy next door (who may or may not be sane) can freely access weapons and may go on a killing rampage if it suits them.  

Killing sprees, which were once an oddity, are becoming increasingly common. You hear about them every week. 

Therefore, speak up against the National Rifle Association and its supporters. They are promoting their own interests at the expense of the well-being of society. 

They are killing us by complicity. 

God help us. Amen. 

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