December 31, 2015

Austin Eaton - a Good Samaritan in California

Austin Eaton
During the evening hours of December 28, 2015, Sylvia Benedic, age 17, was driving on a roadway in Vacaville, California. 

Vacaville is about 55 miles north-east of San Francisco. 

Austin Eaton was on his way home when he saw Sylvia's car fishtail, cross into his lane and flip three times. 

Sylvia was inside of her vehicle, panicked and disoriented from the roll-overs. She later said that she was screaming at the top of her lungs. 

Austin immediately ran to the young woman's aid. The car was on its side and the driver's side window was facing upwards. Sylvia was on top of the passenger's side window. 

Austin beat on the window glass and yelled at Sylvia to try to open the door but she wasn't responding due to the shock of the accident. 

Finally, they got the door open and Austin pulled Sylvia to safety. She ran to Austin's car. 

Not long after, her vehicle burst into flames. 

Sylvia believes that at least five cars drove past her overturned vehicle but did not stop. 
The Good Samaritan reaches
out to others in distress.

The Vacaville Police stated that if not for Austin's efforts, she may have been gravely injured or killed. 

Austin and Sylvia met up the next day. She was bruised and sore but otherwise okay. She was extremely grateful to Austin for his help. 

Austin said "I didn't really think about anything else. There was a reason why I was there." 

Austin is an Army Veteran. 

He is also a Good Samaritan. 

God bless Austin and all who come to the aid of strangers in times of need. Amen. 

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