October 17, 2015

German Tourist kills Huge Elephant in Zimbabwe for Fun

On October, 8, 2015, a German tourist was on a hunting expedition in a private hunting concession next to the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe.

He paid something close to 52,000 Euros ($60,000 U.S.) to a private company for a 21 day hunting trip.

He came across an elephant which is one of the largest seen in Zimbabwe in decades.

German tourist with his elephant victim
And then he did the thing that pleased him the most - he killed it.

The elephant is estimated to be between 40 and 60 years old and has huge tusks. It may be the biggest elephant killed in all of Africa in many years.

Concerned citizens of Zimbabwe state that elephants such as this one are national treasures and should be regarded as such.

The hunt was legal and is sanctioned by the Government of Zimbabwe. The German had the proper permits and had paid the necessary fees.

The question that comes to mind is not about the legalities of doing this but rather - why would anyone want to do this?

There is something very unsavory about killing anything for fun or for adventure. It is perverse and self-serving.

This unnamed German has a lot of money or he wouldn't be able to spend 52,000 Euros on his hobby which is killing living things.

It would be better for this man and for the world if he spent his money in Germany doing something for people who need help.

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