September 1, 2015

More recent atrocities of ISIS - burning men alive (again) and destroying 2,000 year old temples in Syria

Sometime in August of 2015, the ISIS terrorist organization which is attempting to take over Syria, Iraq and other areas of the Middle East in order to establish a caliphate, conducted the war crimes outlined below. 

Iraqi men before they were burned to death
ISIS captured four Iraqi Shia militiamen in Anbar Province, Syria, and put them into orange uniforms.  Orange uniforms are ISIS death uniforms. If you are put in an orange uniform you are going to be executed. 

It is too horrendous to describe, but it MUST be described.  Or otherwise this inhumanity will be buried in the archives of history as if the lives of these four men did not matter. 

We cannot let crimes against humanity pass without objection. 

The 4 Iraqi men: 

~ were marched into the desert in chains
~ were tied upside down from a pole
~ a line of fuel was set alight under them which led to a pile of straw which erupted in a conflagration that burned these men alive as they were hanging there

ISIS states in their video that this was done in retaliation for similar executions done
Temple of Baal in Palmyra is now largely destroyed
by Shia militants against four captured ISIS fighters in Garma, and in Diyala Province who were also burned to death. 

Who are these freaks who burn each other alive?

What soldier would burn another soldier alive in cold blood?  This is not done during the heat of battle or in a life and death bid for your own survival as could happen in hand to hand combat. These "burning men alive" actions are calculated and are planned and are done as revenge and as a display to create fear in the enemy.  

ISIS also decided to keep up with their campaign to destroy all Pre-Islamic monuments in the territories that they control. 

In late August of 2015, they blew up a large part of the temple of Baal located in Palmyra, Syria. This temple was built in 32 A.D. and is a unique blend of Greco-Roman and Middle East Architecture. Baal was a pagan god worshipped throughout the Middle East and North Africa. 

The reason given by ISIS for the destruction of an ancient archeological site is that it "prevents the worship of idols".  

No one has worshipped Baal in almost 2,000 years, so why would anyone want to needlessly destroy a part of our world's history?

The barbarism of killing these four men by burning them alive is beyond appalling. Who sinks so low that they would do this in cold blood? How mentally sick is a man who can place another man over a burning fire in order to kill him? 

Any man who places another man on a fire and burns him to death has committed a grievous sin against God and against humanity. Some sort of hell awaits these murderers. 

God save us from the barbarians. Amen.

God save us from the religious extremists of every religion. They are killing us, Father. Amen. 

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