September 7, 2015

Charee Stanley - a Muslim flight attendant who refuses to serve alcohol

Charee Stanley, age 40, is a flight attendant for ExpressJet Airlines. 
Charee Stanley

She is an American citizen. 

She became employed as a stewardess 3 years ago and then converted to Islam a year ago. 

When she found out that Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol for Muslims, she refused to serve alcohol to everyone because it "is against my religion". 

She wanted her fellow flight attendants to serve alcohol on her behalf which some of them were not happy to do given the busy nature of their job. They considered this an extra burden when this was actually a requirement of Charee's job. 

Charee was sent a letter from the airline on August 25, 2015, stating that they were revoking a "religious accommodation" to exclude her from serving alcohol. She was placed on administrative leave. 

Charee is now suing ExpressJet for religious discrimination in the workplace. She states that her employer should make a "reasonable accommodation" of her religious beliefs. we have Kim Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it offends her religious beliefs, despite the fact that her approach is illegal. 

And then we have a Muslim air stewardess who refuses to serve alcohol to anyone because it is against her religion. 

What's next? 

Buddhist vegetarian deli clerks who refuse to sell you chicken wings because it is against their religious beliefs to consume meat? 

Jewish store clerks who refuse to sell you a pork chop because it isn't kosher? 

Mennonite dress shop clerks who refuse to sell short skirts because it offends their sense of modesty as defined by their religion. 

All of this is complete nonsense and would be laughable if it wasn't so disturbing at a very basic level.  

Your faith is personal and is between you and the Creator of the Universe.  

Your faith should be kept in your heart, in your head, in your place of worship and in your home. Your religious beliefs should be kept apart from the workplace. You are hired to do a job and perform a function, plain and simple - not to be a poster child for any religion. If the functions of your job are in conflict with your religion, then resign from your job and find something more suitable. 

Trying to force your religious beliefs on others is one of the great problems facing our world today.  We are in a constant state of war over this very issue. All of this conflict we face boils down to oil, the control of land, and religious dogma.

God save us from the religious extremists of every faith. Amen.

God help us. Amen.

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