August 14, 2015

ISIS terrorist group's latest atrocities

In recent days the ISIS terrorist group released videos and images of one of their latest atrocities, of which they are extremely proud. 

Some reports state that these atrocities occurred in Homs, Syria and other reports state Palmyra, Syria. The two cities are 160 kilometers apart. 

Gay man falling to his death in Syria
The locations are uncertain but the videos are real. 

Recently, two men accused of being gay and of having a homosexual affair were taken to the roof of a building in either Homs or Palmyra and were thrown to their deaths. 

As the men lay on the street they were stoned by ISIS thugs which included young boys hardly older than age 8 or 10. 

The two dead men after being stoned. Notice the blood on the stones.
The men were then buried in an unmarked grave. 

In early July of 2015, Isis terrorists threw four men suspected of being gay to their deaths in Fallujah, Iraq. 

ISIS members also believe that the rape of non-Muslim women taken captive is an allowable practice as is the use of women as sex-slaves.

These ISIS terrorists consider themselves soldiers who are in opposition to other military regimes. 

However, it has been reported that ISIS has executed at least 1,787 civilians in areas under their control including 74 children and 86 women by beheading, stoning, burning and throwing from high places. 

Sort of brings you right back to the 13th century and fast, doesn't it? 

Pray for these two men who are victims of horrendous crimes against humanity. 

God save us from the religious extremists of every faith. Amen. 

God save us from the barbarians. They are killing us, Father. Amen. 

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