August 10, 2015

A father lets his daughter drown in Dubai - doesn't want male rescuers to touch her

This story is hard to believe and makes one's skin crawl. All news reports from the Middle East are somewhat garbled and suspect. 

However, in an undated incident which apparently occurred sometime in July or August of 2015, a family living in Dubai went to the beach for an outing. 

A beach in Dubai. 
The 20 year old daughter of this family went for a swim in the ocean and experienced difficulty.  She started struggling in the water. 

Two male lifeguards were on the beach and were ready to dive in to help this young woman. 

But....her father didn't like this idea because touching his daughter by unknown males would be shameful and would dishonor him. He fought against these lifeguards and grappled with them, pulling them back from the water. These men fought against him but he is tall, strong and fat and prevented the men from reaching his daughter in time to save her life. 

He told the lifeguards that he preferred his daughter to be dead than to be touched by a strange man. He said this was against his religious beliefs. 

As a result, this man's daughter drowned. 

This man is reported to be of "Asian" descent but his nationality has not been divulged as of this date. 
Pray for this poor unnamed girl who

Officials in Dubai said that they may have to start hiring female lifeguards in order to save females in distress.

Reportedly this so-called "father" was only fined for his interference in the efforts to save his daughter. 

It is pathetic and tragic that a man would value his skewed view of "honor" over the life of his own child. 

Who would want a selfish, self-serving, nasty ass father like this?

God help us. Amen. 

God save us from men who think like this. They are killing us, Father. Amen.

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