July 30, 2015

Walter Palmer - a Minnesota Dentist who likes to kill living things for fun

Walter Palmer, age 55, a dentist in Bloomington, Minnesota, has been universally reviled for his recent actions in Zimbabwe, Africa. 

Mr. Palmer is a hunter. He goes on hunting trips in Africa and pays huge amounts of money to do so - something in the range of $50,000.00 in American funds. 

Walter Palmer and dead antelope
Walter Palmer and dead buffalo
Walter Palmer and dead leopard
Walter Palmer and dead lion
Walter Palmer and dead rhinoceros
He apparently has done this for years. It is all legal.  He gets the necessary permits and pays the fees. And then he goes on a killing spree. 

The question that comes to mind is not about the legalities of doing this but rather - why would anyone want to do this? 

There is something very unsavory about killing anything for fun or for adventure.  It is perverse and self-serving. 

Mr. Palmer is a dentist who apparently makes so much money that he can frequently afford to spend $50,000. at a time on his hobby which is killing animals. 

It would be better for Walter Palmer and better for the world if he directed some of his skills to providing free dental services to the poor and to the homeless in Minnesota.  

And he wouldn't have to travel to Africa to find them. 

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