July 24, 2015

Bobby Fulks - a Good Samaritan in Omaha, Nebraska

Bobby Fulks
On July 23, 2015, Bobby Fulks, age 20, was walking with friends across the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Just after midnight, Bobby and his friends noticed a man standing on the ledge of the bridge looking as if he was about to jump. 

Bobby Fulks told his friends to stand back as he approached the suicidal man on the ledge. 

The man didn't want any interference and kept saying "Why do you care?". 

Bobby assured the man that he did care and that he wanted to help him to safety.

Not too long ago, Bobby had lost his grandmother, Vonna Fulks, who had died from a heart attack. 
The Good Samaritan comes to the aid
of strangers in distress. 

Bobby said that his grandmother would have helped a stranger because she cared about others and so does he. 

Bobby told the man: "Everything will be alright. You can trust me." 

Bobby was able to convince the man to grab his hand and to come off of the ledge. 

The suicidal man was taken by emergency crews to a local hospital.  He had not taken his depression medication and had wanted to die.

God bless Bobby Fulks. He is a Good Samaritan.

God bless all who come to the aid of strangers. Amen.

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