June 24, 2015

Nick Struck - a caring Police Officer in Colorado

On June 18, 2015, a terrible tragedy befell a family of six who were driving on a roadway in Brighton, Colorado. 

The family's vehicle blew a tire and veered off the side of the highway.  The vehicle rolled over and all of the passengers were thrown from the vehicle. The father of the family was fatally injured and died at the scene of the accident. 

Officer Struck pointing to the lights on the fire truck
The mother and three of the four children were also injured and were rushed to a local hospital. 

The youngest child, a 2 year old girl, was found alive and uninjured. Paramedics handed the girl to Officer Nick Struck of the Brighton Police Department. 

The child was reeking of gasoline fumes and she was frightened and crying. 

Nick is a father of a 2 year old daughter himself. He stated that when his daughter falls down and cries she wants him to sing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to her. 

So Nick sang that nursery rhyme to the frightened little girl and tried to distract her from the horrific accident scene by pointing to the twinkling lights on the fire truck. The child relaxed a bit and put her arm on Nick's shoulder just as his own daughter does. 

Jessica Matrious, who stopped to help at the accident scene, took this photo of Nick and the child which has since gone viral on the Internet.  Many people have been impressed with the fatherly efforts of Officer Nick Struck to help this poor girl. 

Nick said that what he did is no different than what any other police officer would do under the same circumstances. 

He asked that everyone remember the family in prayer. 

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