May 29, 2015

Jason Cias - a Good Samaritan in Melbourne, Australia

On May 15, 2015, Jason Cias, age 36, was travelling home after work in Melbourne, Australia. 

He was riding on a packed commuter train.  At about 3:15 p.m., an incident occurred in the train car. 

Jason Cias (in black) being attacked on a Melbourne train
Three Muslim women, one older and two who appeared to be in their 20's, were on the train. They were wearing headscarves. One of the younger women sat on a seat next to a male who is described as a "tradesman".  He was in the company of another male.  

One of the men insulted the women saying "You shouldn't be wearing that shit in Australia".  One of the younger women asked that man what his problem was and this sparked a further exchange of insults. The older woman spoke to the younger women in Arabic.  

The male stated "You shouldn't be speaking that shit in Australia." 

The women got off the train at a North Melbourne stop and one of the men yelled "I'll
The Good Samaritan
reaches out to those in
f***ing smash ya."  

At that point Jason Cias stepped in saying "Mate, they're women", implying that it was totally inappropriate to threaten anyone, particularly women. 

Jason was told to mind his own business and one of the men punched him in the face.  The two men left and went to another train car. 

A passenger caught some of this attack on video and called the Police.

Jason said that the only thing he regrets is not speaking up sooner. He stated:  "Whether it's Islamic women or whoever, it's just not right they can abuse people like that. No one should be doing that to anyone regardless of race or gender or religious creed."

God bless Jason Cias. He is a Good Samaritan.

God bless all who stand up against abuse in every form. 

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