May 27, 2015

Ireland does the right thing and votes for Gay marriage

An Irish flag on an Irish face
On May 23, 2015, the Irish voted to legalize same-sex marriages in Ireland.

A number of countries have legalized gay marriage by way of government legislation but Ireland is the only country to date which was done this by way of popular vote. 62 percent of those voting approved of this change in marriage laws.

Government officials stated that “The people of Ireland have struck a massive blow against discrimination.”

And this is true. Well done, Ireland!

It was only in 1993 that homosexuality was decriminalized in Ireland, so this new approach demonstrates a dramatic change in thinking.

The Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmuid Martin, personally voted against the legislation but then stated that it may be time for the Church to take a "reality check".  Younger Catholics are not in line with discrimination regardless of the teachings of the Church.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, age 60, the Vatican's Secretary of State and spokesman on
Cardinal Pietro Parolin follows the
Magisterium of the Church but
is not in touch with the realities
of the modern world
this issue, has stated that he is saddened and that the approval of gay marriage in Ireland is a "defeat for humanity" and a refusal to believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church. 

A "defeat for humanity"?  Seriously? We doubt it. 

We live in this world, not above it. 

If you are not gay in Ireland, this legislative change will not affect you. Heterosexual couples in Ireland will continue to get married as they always did and the world will continue on as it has always done. 

Gay marriage has been allowed in Canada for 10 years and Canada hasn't fallen apart and neither will Ireland nor will the world.  

Cardinal Parolin is saddened because this change in thinking means that the 1,000 year old strangle-hold that the Catholic Church has had on Ireland is loosening. No one ever wants to lose power and authority and neither does the Vatican. 

The new reality is that intelligent and thinking people of faith are not as ready to accept inequity as they once were. 

We live in a world full of violence, torment, and political and religious strife. Basic human rights are crumbling under the guise of righteousness and dogma.  

God bless all who stand up for human rights. 

God grant us the intelligence and compassion to make this world work. Amen. 

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