April 20, 2015

Laquandra Warren - a Good Samaritan in Indianapolis, Indiana

Ramona Davenport, age 61, went missing in Indianapolis late on Saturday, April 18, 2015. 
Laquandra Warren

Ramona suffers from early onset dementia and had wandered away from her home. 

Her family reported her missing and Fire Rescue crews, the Police and Search Dog teams spent nearly three hours searching for her but couldn't find her. 

Laquandra Warren, age 30, was out with her cousin that night and they were driving down a busy city street just after midnight when she noticed a woman standing in the roadway. The woman kept stepping into traffic but as cars would honk and pass, she would step back into the median.

The Good Samaritan reaches
out to strangers in time of
Laquandra passed the woman and then stopped the car. Laquandra had worked at a nursing home and recognized that the woman was totally confused and needed help.  She approached Ramona, told her that everything was going to be alright, and held on to her to prevent her from re-entering traffic. Laquandra then called 911. 

Search teams arrived minutes later and were able to return Ramona to her family. She had wandered about 20 blocks from her home. 

Emergency officers thanked Laquandra for her help. 

Many people passed by Ramona. Some called 911 but only Laquandra stopped and helped her. 

God bless Laquandra Warren. She is a Good Samaritan. 

God bless all who come to the aid of strangers.  They are the heroes of the modern era. 

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