February 4, 2015

Fabiana Palhares - a victim of domestic violence in Queensland, Australia

Fabiana Palhares
Fabiana Palhares, age 34, died on February 2, 2015, at a hospital in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. 

She had been attacked in her home by a man wielding a hatchet. She suffered fatal head injuries. 

Fabiana was 9 or 10 weeks pregnant.  This was her first pregnancy. The father is alleged to be her former boyfriend, Brock Wall, also age 34, who is charged with her murder and the murder of the unborn child. 

Fabiana emigrated from Brazil over 10 years ago and had established her own cleaning business. She and Brock Wall had only dated for a few months at the end of 2014.  They separated in early January of 2015 and Fabiana had filed for a domestic violence order (which is a form of restraining order) against Brock Wall. 

It was reported that he breached the order, climbed a fence and got into her bedroom on January 21, 2015.  He stood over her while she slept.  She awoke and called the police.  The police led Brock Wall away and warned him that the next time he breached the domestic violence order he would be jailed. He was due to appear in court in mid February for that incident. 

Angels of God, pray for Fabiana
and for those who have lost
The Police have stated that they did everything correctly in this case and came to the aid of Fabiana every time she required it.  However, friends have stated that the Police should immediately jail those who breach domestic violence orders.  They stated that every time Fabiana requested that Brock Wall be jailed, she was told "next time".  

Maybe its time for Australian authorities to re-examine their laws with respect to the powers of the Police when dealing with breaches of domestic violence orders. 

Friends describe Fabiana as a beautiful young woman who was happy, pleasant, honest and loyal. She will be forever remembered.  

Fabiana is survived by many loving friends and family members.  She will be forever mourned. 

Pray for justice for Fabiana. 

God save us from those who say they love us and then kill us.

Pray that Fabiana is in heaven. Pray that she is at peace and is with God. Amen.

Pray for her child who died in the womb. 

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