January 5, 2015

Pauline Cafferkey - A nurse in England with Ebola needs our prayers

Pauline Cafferkey, age 39, is suffering from Ebola. She needs our prayers. 
Pauline Cafferkey

Pauline normally works as an associate public health nurse in South Lanarkshire, England. 

In recent months she had gone to Kerrytown, Sierra Leone, Africa, to help with the Ebola crisis. She had volunteered with the "Save the Children" organization. 

She travelled home in December through Morocco and landed at a London Airport, where her temperature was normal.  She flew to Glasgow, Scotland where her illness became apparent.  It has not been determined as of this date how Pauline actually contracted the disease. An investigation is underway. 

Pauline is being treated at a hospital in London and is in stable condition. She is being treated with experimental drugs and with blood plasma from an Ebola survivor. 

Hospital officials stated that she is getting the best possible care. They also stated
Pray for Pauline and for all who come
to the aid of strangers.
that all of Great Britain is proud of her. 

The effort put forth by many doctors, nurses and other volunteer health care workers during this recent Ebola outbreak has been monumental.  

Many health care professionals, both men and women, have risked their lives in the fight against Ebola.  More than 600 health care workers have become infected with Ebola in recent months and over 300 have died. 

Many prayers for Pauline's recovery have been said and are being said in many churches, of all denominations, all throughout Britain. 

Pray for Pauline's recovery. 

Pray for the recovery of all who are struck down by this disease. 

God bless all who step up and who come to the aid of strangers. They are the true heroes of the modern era. Amen.

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