November 19, 2014

Leo Moody and Wade Shorey - Good Samaritans in Maine

The Good Samaritan comes to the
aid of strangers, selflessly.
On November 17, 2014, Stephen McGouldrick, age 55, was driving on a road in Kossouth Township, in Maine.

He had three other passengers in the vehicle - Brenda Haney, age 53, of Calais, Beverly Metcalf, age 34, of Talmadge, and her 3 month old daughter,

Stephen lost control of the SUV which skidded on the icy road, rolled down an embankment and fell into a stream in about 3 feet of water.

Leo Moody, a passerby from Kingman, Maine, went into the water and crawled into the car which was upside down. He used a knife to cut the straps holding in the baby seat and pulled the 3 month old girl to safety.

Another passerby, Wade Shorey, performed CPR on the child and revived her. She
Wade Shorey - one of
the Good Samaritans
had been submerged under water for a short time and wasn't breathing. Wade is a married father who had recently learned CPR.

The child was taken to a local hospital and is okay. 

Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Leo Moody at the time of this posting. 

Leo's wife, Betsy, stated that her husband returned home from work - freezing, shaken and soaking wet. She is extremely proud of her husband who came to the aid of those in distress. She loves him a great deal. 

God bless Leo Moody and Wade Shorey.  They are Good Samaritans.  Good Samaritans are the everyday heroes of the modern era. 

God knows we need more men like them in this world.  

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