October 29, 2014

John Timothy Williamson - Law Enforcement - Alabama

Tim Williamson
Deputy Sheriff John Timothy Williamson, age 48, of Greenville, Alabama, died on October 25, 2014, at a hospital in Montgomery, Alabama.

He was known as Tim to his family and friends.

Tim was a member of the Butler County Sheriff's Office. He had 20 years of service.

On October 20, 2014, Tim struggled with a suspect he was trying to arrest. During the confrontation he felt that he had strained a muscle in his chest. He didn't seek medical treatment but the pain continued. On October 23, 2014, he had responded to several calls for service and experienced more pain. He drove himself to a local hospital where he was told he had had a heart attack.

As he was being transported to a second hospital, Tim suffered a massive heart
Michael, Archangel, Patron
Saint of the Police, pray
for Tim and for those who
have lost him
attack. He died two days later on October 25.

Tim was a U.S. Navy Vet.

The Butler County Sheriff's Office is in mourning over the death of their brother. He will be forever remembered.

Tim's loved ones are devastated over his sudden and tragic death. He will be forever mourned.

Tim is survived by many loving comrades, friends and family members including his father, John Bill Williamson; his step-father, Lavon Ward, his sister, April, and brothers, Stephen and Josh.  He was predeceased by his mother, Brenda.

Thank you for your service to the community, Tim.

Pray for all who die in the line of duty.

Pray that Tim is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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