August 16, 2014

Colin Cheys, Jaime Siska and Joel Vertone - Good Samaritans in Winnipeg, Manitoba

On August 6, 2014, Harikesh Marwaha, age 24, of Winnipeg, Manitoba, was enjoying a day at Rushing River Provincial Park, about 15 miles from Kenora, Ontario. 
Harikesh Marwaha

He and his family had gone camping. 

Details are unclear as to the location of the incident which has been reported as both Rushing River and Dogtooth Lake. However, around 6:30 p.m., Harikesh slipped on a rock, hit his head and went underwater. He was unconscious. 

People on shore screamed that Harikesh had gone under water. Three strangers came to his aid.

Colin Cheys dove into the water and on his second attempt was able to locate Harikesh.  Another man and a woman helped Colin drag Harikesh to safety.  Colin is a trained diver and a strong swimmer. 

CPR was performed but the situation looked grim and the rescuers felt that Harikesh
The Good Samaritan comes
to the aid of strangers, selflessly
was dead or near death.  However, they continued with CPR until Harikesh gasped for breath.  

The three persons involved in the rescue are Jaime Siska, Colin Cheys and Joel Vertone (an off-duty police officer).  All three are residents of Winnipeg. 

Harikesh will be forever grateful to the three people who came to his rescue.  He says that words can't express his gratitude. 

God bless Colin Cheys, Jaime Siska and Joel Vertone.   

Those who come to the aid of strangers in desperate need are the true heroes of our era. 

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