July 4, 2014

Nathan Halstead - a Good Samaritan who died in Fresno, California

The Good Samaritan comes
to the aid of strangers,
Nathan Halstead, age 49, died on June 30, 2014, in Fresno, California.

In the early morning hours of June 30, Nathan was on his bicycle on a street in Fresno. He saw a woman being beaten by two men. He tried to intervene, telling them to stop. He was savagely beaten by the two men. He was punched, kicked and stomped on. 

The attackers also tried to beat a man on foot and a motorist who stopped his vehicle to try to stop all of these assaults. 

The suspects fled the scene and left Nathan lying unconscious in the street. Nathan was then run over by a motorist on his way to work who did not see him lying there. The driver of the vehicle that struck Nathan is not at fault.  He is despondent and is in mourning over this tragic accident.

The woman who was being assaulted managed to escape and credits Nathan Halstead with saving her life through his intervention. 

Gerald Smith (L);  Jared Smith (R)
We have no photo of Nathan and no information about him. Often news reports focus on the perpetrators and not on the victims of these tragedies.

Twin brothers, Gerald and Jared Smith, age 18, have been arrested in connection with this tragedy. They face charges of murder and assault. Portions of these assaults were caught on surveillance video.

Of course, the mother of these twins proclaims that they are as pure as the driven snow. Seriously? They assaulted a woman, beat a man unconscious and left him on the road to be run over, and tried to beat up a passing pedestrian and a passing motorist. You raised some real charmers there, Mom. 

Nathan's family are devastated over his tragic and senseless death. He is a Good Samaritan who will be forever mourned.

Nathan is survived by many loving friends and family members.

Pray for justice for Nathan.

Pray for all who die as a result of coming to the aid of others.

God save us from the Lost Ones who bring death and destruction to all who cross their path. 

Pray that Nathan is in heaven. Pray that he is at peace and is with God. Amen.

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