July 5, 2014

Bob Renning - a Good Samaritan in Minnesota

Bob Renning, age 52, of Woodbury, Minnesota, came to the aid of a stranger on June 29, 2014, on a highway near New Brighton, Minnesota. 
Bob Renning

Bob was driving on the highway when he looked in his rear-view mirror and noticed flames under a vehicle directly behind him. 

Michael Johannes, age 51, was driving to his hometown of Minneapolis and didn't seem to know that his car had caught on fire. 

Bob Renning's girlfriend tried to alert Michael Johannes, who had pulled over to the highway's shoulder. 

However, the doors of his vehicle locked and the power windows rolled up.  Michael couldn't get them open. 

Bob's girlfriend called 911 and gave the Police their location. Bob jumped out of his car and ran towards the car that was on fire.  The smoke inside the car was so thick that at first he couldn't see anyone inside, until he saw a man pounding and kicking at the passenger side window.  

Bob Renning was able to grip the door frame and braced his foot against the door and
The Good Samaritans come
to the aid of strangers, selflessly.
pulled like hell. The door frame bent in half and the glass shattered. 

Michael Johannes was able to escape from the burning vehicle. 

Various news reports describe Bob's actions as superhuman and extremely out of the ordinary. It takes a huge amount of strength to pull a car door almost off of its hinges.

Bob Renning is an Air Force Sergeant. He says that he is no hero and that he is no Superman in the strength department.

Bob Renning may not be a Superman but he is certainly a Good Samaritan. 

God bless Bob Renning, and his girlfriend and all who come to the aid of strangers. They are the true heroes of this World. 

God knows we need more men and women like them.  

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