May 30, 2014

Joe Cornell - a Good Samaritan in Fresno, California

Joe Cornell
Joe Cornell, age 52, of Fresno, California, is in rehab for drug addiction. He has been there since January of 2014.

He is pretty much broke and does volunteer work out of a Salvation Army Rehab Center in Fresno.

A few days ago, Joe was watering trees at his job at a parking lot across from the Salvation Army Fresno Adult Rehabilitation Center when he overheard a vehicle honking at an armored Brink’s truck on the corner.

The car had pulled up next to the truck, like it had dropped something, After the two vehicles pulled away, Joe Cornell walked down to the corner to have a look.

Pray for Joe.  Pray for his
And he found a bag of money containing $125,000.00.

He felt conflicted about what to do with this money. Run off with it or turn it in to the authorities?

In the end, Joe decided that he wanted to do the right thing. He took the bag of money to his supervisor at the Salvation Army shelter, who then notified police to return the cash.

Joe Cornell has been in rehabilitation for drug addiction since January and works washing and shining cars at the lot across the street from the Salvation Army shelter.

Brink’s, the armored car company that lost the money, plans on giving Joe Cornell a $5,000 reward, and the shelter a $5,000 donation.

Joe has been in jail numerous times. He has been addicted to drugs for decades.

However he is trying to turn his life around.

Pray for all who have lost their way. Pray for all who are addicted. Pray that they find themselves once again.

Pray for Joe Cornell. Pray for his recovery. Amen.

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