May 14, 2014

Jesse Romero, Carly Lonnborg, Tristan Reichle, Noah Francis and Cody Talanian died in a car crash in Farmingdale, New York

Five teenagers died on May 11, 2014, as a result of a car crash on a street in Farmingdale, New York.

Tristan Reichle, age 17, was the driver. 

Cody Talanian (top left); Tristan Reichle (Middle); Noah Francis (top right)
Carly Lonnborg (bottom left); Jesse Romero (bottom right)
Tragically deceased are:

Jesse Romero, age 18. Friends said that he was excited to graduate and to go out into the world. 

Carly Lonnborg, age 14. Family members said that she lived a full and vibrant life. She was a good kid who touched everyone who knew her. 

Tristan Reichle, age 17. He is described as a well-liked, funny and loving kid. He was kind and gracious to everyone. 
Angels of God, pray for Tristan,
Cody, Carly, Noah and Jesse.
Pray for those who have
lost them. 

Noah Francis, age 15. Noah lived with his sister. Both of his parents had previously passed away. Family members stated that Noah was sociable, loved to entertain and to be around people. He has five siblings. 

Cody Talanian, age 17. Cody worked two jobs to support himself and to help his family. He was just starting out in life.

Just after midnight, these five kids were all in the same Nissan sedan which crossed over the center line and struck a GMC SUV. Jesse, Carly, Tristan and Noah died at the scene. Cody died later at a hospital.

Two people in the SUV, a 53 year old male driver and his female passenger from Maryland, were seriously injured and were transported to a hospital. They were visiting relatives in New York State. They are expected to survive.

All of the kids attended Farmingdale High School. Their friends and teachers are in mourning over their tragic deaths.

It has been reported that this collision may have been the result of drag racing. This is unconfirmed as of this posting. Family members have denied that drag racing, drugs or alcohol were involved in this tragedy.

However, teenagers who are reading this, listen up and remember this

  • A vehicle is not a toy. A vehicle is a 4,000 pound death machine. 
  • Do not drive drunk. 
  • Do not drive doped up from street drugs. 
  • Do not drive doped up from prescription drugs. 
  • Do not text or talk on the phone while driving. 
  • Do not drive if you are falling asleep on your feet. 
  • Do not drag race or speed. If you want to race cars, join a race track club and race there.

Also remember this:  Regret can last a lifetime. 

Jesse, Carly, Tristan, Noah and Cody are survived by many loving friends and relatives who will forever mourn them. Oceans of tears will be shed for these kids. They will never be forgotten.

Pray for all who die suddenly and violently. They are with us one moment and gone before we can say goodbye.

Pray that Jesse, Carly, Tristan, Noah and Cody are in heaven. Pray that they are at peace and are with with God. Amen.

Pray for the man and woman from Maryland who are also victims of this tragedy. Pray for their recovery.

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